Noosa Local Government Election Candidate Forum

As part of the planned Local Government Election Forum, we invited all candidates to submit a written response to three questions which were based on the results of a survey of our membership.

The questions are:

Question 1: How will you support the health of Noosa’s economy?

Question 2:
What is your vision regarding tourism marketing and events for Noosa?

Question 3: Tell us about your plans for our natural environment and sustainability?

Please click on the names to see their responses (listed in alphabetical order by surname, A-Z). Responses have been published exactly as they were sent to Tourism Noosa. Candidates had a 500-word limit for each question.

The planned forum was cancelled due to concerns around Coronavirus, so we invited the candidates to record a video (7 minutes for Mayoral candidates and 2 minutes for Councillor candidates).

The Mayoral candidates were asked about their response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Councillor candidates were asked a follow-up question from their written response. Please see the written responses and videos below.


CLARE STEWART - Meet Clare here.

TONY WELLINGTON - Meet Tony here.


JULIEN CAHN - Meet Julien here.

KAREN COOK-LANGDON - Meet Karen here.

KAREN FINZEL - Meet Karen here.

DAVID FLETCHER - Meet David here.

NATHANAEL FORD - Meet Nathanael here.

JESS GLASGOW - Meet Jess here.

MEGHAN HALVERSON - Meet Meghan here.

JOE JURISEVIC - Meet Joe here.

JANET KAKE - Meet Janet here.

ALAN LANDER - Meet Alan here.

PATRICK LLOYD - Meet Patrick here.

AMELIA LORENTSON - Meet Amelia here.

PHIL MORAN - Meet Phil here.


GREG SMITH - Meet Greg here.

ANDREW SQUIRES - Meet Andrew here.

BRIAN STOCKWELL - Meet Biran here.

TOM WEGENER - Meet Tom here.

FRANK WILKIE - Meet Frank here.

YANNI VAN ZIJL - Meet Yanni here.